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Une Parenthèse hors sol…

Taking time for yourself

Take advantage of our certified massage therapists to treat yourself to a relaxing or therapeutic treatment.

Experience sensations and relaxation, pampering and wellbeing, to escape, reconnect and decompress, to free yourself from stress and rediscover a deep sense of well-being, a new dynamism.

A health experience to help you live better and longer.

Brigitte is at your disposal for a personalized course

Our massages

A team of massage therapists is at your service with kindness and great availability.

60 min – 110.00$
90 min – 140.00$

Duo- Relaxation
60 min – 220.00$

60 min – 120.00$
90 min – 150.00$
*on prior reservation

Duo- Relaxation
60 min – 240.00$

Reflexology : 60 min – 120.00$
Reflexology extra : 30 min – 75.00$

Reflexology targets physiological or emotional problems using specific points on the foot. This technique would stimulate or soothe organs, systems and regions of the body by using the meridians, if it is based on a traditional Chinese approach, or by using reflex zones of the nervous system, if it is rather based on a biological method.À

Benefits :

Like its parent acupressure, reflexology has a broad and versatile field of action (organic disorders, emotional difficulties, …). Based on the same principles, reflexology uses the resources of the body to overcome imbalances and promote self-healing.

Lomi Lomi Nui, the Hawaiian Grand Massage
90 min 170$
120 min 220$
90 min 4 hands (deux massothérapeutes) 340$

The magic of Flow :

The Lomi Lomi is a massage made with the fluidity and grace of the movements of the ocean, the constant and powerful wave energy. The Lomi-Lomi Nui massage is in perfect agreement with the “HUNA” philosophy: everything seeks harmony. Attentive to oneself in the present moment, carried out in listening, the Lomi Lomi is profound, intuitive and transformational.

This is an ancient technique that Hawaiians have never stopped using due to its great power. This treatment is a response to these ailments that affect us, allowing to rebalance this energy and thus find a unity within the body itself.

 Very gentle massage, long fluid movements
60 min –  110.00$P

More than 12 weeks

60 min – 120.00$

Facilities available to you during your stay

Turkish bath (vaporium): This steam bath helps to relieve tension, release toxins and leave you in a state of renewed freshness.

Finnish sauna: Dry heat makes you sweat, releasing toxins slowly (10-20 minutes), without the effort of training.

Infrared SaunasThe infrared sauna emits thermal radiation which penetrates the skin to stimulate circulation and free the body of toxins.

Indoor and outdoor spas: 

Let yourself be massaged by powerful water jets. Strategically located, the seven outdoor spas offer the splendid view of the lake or a more intimate place in the back of the hotel. 

Open year-round, relax in the moonlight with the outdoor fireplace and heating mat.

another way to be massaged by powerful water jets.: another way to be massaged by powerful water jets.

Cold shower: alternating hot and cold stimulates the blood system and triggers the formation of adrenaline when the body suddenly cools and promotes the elimination of toxins, adrenaline produced is immediately transformed into endorphins, an “antidepressant” natural which also helps to eliminate dead cells and regenerate other delaying skin aging.(in season)

Heated indoor and outdoor pools: indoor pool allows you to enjoy the water to 30 ° C (85 ° F), protected from the weather. It is open year round. The heated outdoor pool (in season), although surrounded by a pleasant terrace.

Beach: just in front of the hotel. Don’t forget to ask for your pass (charge of $50 per pass not returned).

Clothing such as sweaters, swimwear covers, sports pants and covers are prohibited in spas, swimming pools and saunas. Thus we respect the regulations on hygiene especially with the high temperatures in the spas, saunas and swi…

Your satisfaction is our top priority

5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
t was an excellent stay… Thank you for everything. First Massage Experience for my 12 year old daughter. She enjoyed her stay so much that she left you a note in your notebook at the reception desk: i am definetly coming back! ❤️ Thank you for filling my mother’s heart by seeing my daughter’s eyes shine ❤️
Faten F
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
Magnificent site for a romantic getaway and magical moments! Really friendly staff who take great care of their customers. Very clean and well maintained. Lots of activities nearby. Very pleasant spas, saunas, pools and relaxation areas. Definitely worth doing again!
Caroline Ice
Dans un cadre authentique au coeur de la région des Laurentides, où l’inspiration de la nature et la richesse de l’eau contribuent à un équilibre corps et esprit, avec retour aux sources et état zen. 

Notre équipe est là pour vous concocter un programme personnalisé et répondre à l’ensemble de vos besoins.

Instants de bien être

A sensory world of rejuvenation

A real break from everyday life, a moment of absolute well-being